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1239 Lapchuk Crescent N, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4X 4K5



Discovery Call 

. Duration:45 mins·


. Duration:1 hr·

Reiki & 15 min Sound Bath

. Duration:1 hr 15 mins·

MAP Session 

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins·

In Office Consulting

. Duration:30 mins·

Joey Prednisone 

. Duration:15 mins

Joey Other Pill 

. Duration:15 mins

About us

Marlisa has a passion for helping her clients heal through balancing body, mind & soul. Her favorite tools include Reiki, energy healing, sound healing and emotional management. Her passion began in 2011 and is still going strong.

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64 reviews
  • Yvonne Linnen·

    Yesterday's Treatment was once again... Awesome!!
    Thankyou Marlisa for Sharing Your True Gift with Me over and Over..
    I had pressure in My heart area and left with absolutely no pressure at all!!🙌💖✨️🤗

  • Yvonne Linnen·

    Completely Refreshing and Clear after My Reiki Sound Bowl Treatment Yesterday!
    Marlisa You Nailed it One More Time!!
    As Always... look forward to My Next Treatment!!

  • Yvonne Linnen·

    Marlisa You never disappoint!!
    Thankyou again for Sharing Your Amaizing Gift on Me..As Always I cannot wait for My next Session..I 🤗💖

  • Genelle·

    Apr 15 2024
    This was my 4th session with Marlisa. Marlisa has a true gift!
    Great conversations. I have full trust in her and believe in her talent. Always look forward to the next visit.

  • Yvonne Linnen·

    Amaizing!! One more time!!
    As Always cannot wait for My next Session!!Thankyou Marlisa for Sharing Your Gift!!🤗❤️✨️

  • Yvonne Linnen·

    Amaizing as usual..Marlisa has a True Gift..Cannot wait until my next visit!!🤗💖✨️

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